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Cycnnal Cannes (Sustain Wales)

Cynnal Cymru (Sustain Wales) member, The Pelican Nursery in Cardiff, are now using the services of NappiCycle, in their drive ‘Towards Zero Waste’ and turning what was previously considered a...

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Introducing The Complete Nappy Recycling Service

nappiCycle is the Complete Nappy Recycling Service from Natural UK offering a pioneering, local, environmentally-friendly solution to landfill waste. Our mission is to provide regional facilities for the sustainable management of Clinical and Offensive Hygiene Wastes and further enhance the diversion from landfill.

We aim to develop Sustainability within our communities and significantly reduce our Ecological footprint within the UK.

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At Natural UK we pride ourselves on our customer focus and continually strive to provide an exemplary level of service, at highly competitive rates.

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