Natural Hygiene is a division of Natural UK, the largest independent Washroom Services and Clinical Waste management company in Wales.

Natural Hygiene Services

We are the largest independent Washroom Service provider in the South Wales region, with customers ranging from local business, to NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Government Agencies etc. We pride ourselves on our customer focus and continually strive to provide an unparalleled level of service - at highly competitive rates.

"Clinical waste management, risk appraisals and specialist training for the healthcare provider from one local supplier"

We are the only Washroom Service company in Wales to employ female-only operatives and understand the importance of discretion and good communication at all times. We adhere to strict environmentally-friendly practices and are committed to sourcing products locally and supporting local business.

We will transform your Washroom with a wide range of equipment and cater for all markets - from a bi-lingual children’s range to a designer range for the most exclusive facilities.

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Our Promise

With a strict environmentally-friendly business philosophy, we specialise in the provision of exceptionally high levels of service, delivered through new and innovative methods.

Our Experience

We provide a complete management package for the Hygiene and Waste Industry, keeping your documentation in order; providing fully compliant, secure storage units; guaranteeing consistent and regular collections and ensuring any immediate demands are quickly responded to.


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